Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Update on ALL of us!

Today has been a great day with TJ and Sadie--and they are getting along better everyday (well, TJ gets more gentle with her)! :) I can tell he just wants to be part of whatever we are doing with if he can come along, he loves to help! Today I captured a few GREAT pics of them! TJ just went and sat down next to Sadie on her playmat that Aunt Leslie got for her--which, by the way, is her favorite place to "hang out". He likes to "pat pat" her for burps and likes to rub her belly when she is lying down.
I just had to buy TJ all new he was quickly running out of summer outfits that fit! He is now in size 2T--and he's only 17 months old!!! He got new shoes too--in his new size 6. These new "big boy" clothes match his "big boy" haircut he got last week! Here are "before" and "after" photos! It was much needed and it looks great on him! Getting his hair cut is an outing with just he and his daddy! That's a mommy-free trip! :) TJ sits on Buckie's lap for his haircut--so Buckie has to get a shower when they get home to get all TJ's hair off of HIM!! Anyway, TJ's haircut is much shorter and it really shows off his face! I like it--and, no, I didn't cry for him to get it cut off! That's the update on TJ!

Sadie is now up to 7 hours at night!! Not yet consistently, but many nights! She is great at putting herself to sleep with very little fussiness and she sleeps on her tummy (just like TJ did)! I have a great pediatrician who says that she can't recommend that as a pediatrician, but that both of her boys slept on their tummies. Sadie sleeps much better that way--and that means we do, too! We are getting to a normal routine with her. I keep writing down what she does each day and at what time so I can find the pattern soon. Maybe soon I'll know what time I can get my shower EVERYDAY! :) Sadie is up to almost 13 pounds needless to say, she is eating well! She is only 7 weeks and 2 days old and is now wearing 3-6 month clothes!! Thankfully, Aunt Leslie bought Sadie one year's worth of clothes--we shouldn't have to buy ANYTHING for her this year at all!! THANK YOU Aunt Leslie--and everyone else who has contributed to her wardrobe! She's set! And I'm only a LITTLE jealous that she has more clothes than I do!! :)

And, since I never update on me or Buckie...I better fill you in! I'm still at home, of course, with TJ and Sadie and loving every second! I'm thankful that I have the choice to be here with them everyday. Buckie is in his last week with his current employer, as he starts a new job next Monday! He will be working for Tameron Honda--yeah--selling cars!! :) He is excited and I know he will do a great job there! He is THE most hard-working person I know--they will be glad to have hired him! Not to mention, he knows cars (esp. Honda's)! We both drive a he fits in just right! I'm excited to report on his success there very soon!

Well, it's almost summer in Alabama...and already in the 90's here almost everyday. We stay indoors for the most part, except for walks in the morning with my new jogging stroller! :) I'm hoping to take TJ to the pool some this summer and do some exercise myself. I'm on a mission to get into shape! There! I've told the world who is reading this--so I have to stick to it!! I will NOT be posting before and after photos like some, but I'll report my own success in this department when I reach the goals I set for myself.

Happy Summer!

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