Saturday, November 15, 2008

Almost standing...

Well, today Sadie is 6 months and 25 days old, and she pulled herself up onto her knees! :) She wants to stand so bad, and I'm sure that it is only a matter of time! Now the fun begins--because she can pull up onto her knees in her crib, but cannot get down without falling face-first into the side of the crib! :( She will get the hang of it soon and I'll get a photo or video to add!

Monday, November 3, 2008

She's crawling!!!

Sadie must have woken up this morning deciding to try something new! I fed her breakfast, then put her on her tummy on the floor to play with a toy, and she CRAWLED!!! I caught it on video with our digital camera--it's a huge file, but a video none the less! Enjoy her cuteness! She is 6 months 13 days old today!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Photo Post

This post is just so you can all see TJ and Sadie in some of their best moments! Enjoy the pics and captions! :)

Here is one I snapped of Sadie as she was about to fall asleep one day. She has one of TJ's crib sheets on her bed because, as we found out this day, she is allergic to dairy products and had ONE bottle of formula for the first time. No more formula for her! And she was just so tired...

The next photo is of Sadie with TJ's Bama hat on...he put it on her head!

This one is of Sadie and I together--you know, trying to take our own pic! Love her tongue!

And the next photo is of TJ...being TJ! I was back changing Sadie's diaper and when I came back into the kitchen, I found TJ having a drink...of CHOCOLATE SYRUP! :) I'm sure he didn't get any because it is very thick, but he sure was trying!!

This one is of TJ trying to "fix" his rocking-horse. A bolt had come off from underneath, and Buckie lay under to really fix it, so TJ had to do the same!

And TJ and Sadie together in TJ's room. He LOVES it when I put her on his bed while we play in there, and he will often get up on the bed with her and "read" a book or play with a toy while she looks on. He loves her so much and she really seems to admire him already!

These next two photos are of TJ...with his smile and his sly face! He really does stick his tongue in his cheek and make a funny face! It is TOO cute!

And these are of Sadie...she is so cute and cuddly! Don't you want to just eat her up?!? :)

And here is one of Buckie with both TJ and Sadie from this afternoon! We love Saturday mornings when we have nothing going on!! And a few more of TJ and Sadie...

Hope you enjoyed the photo post! They are even more cute and sweeter in person...come see for yourself!!!