Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dinner for ONE...

Tonight was TJ's first night trying something "solid"--though I have to say that the rice cereal was not any thicker than what he's used to! He acted as if he had been eating from a spoon for weeks now AND as if he hasn't been fed in a few days! He scarfed it down in a frenzy!!! He seems to have no problem eating solids, and I'm sure will just LOVE the veggies and fruits when we start them in a few weeks (after we follow doctor's orders and try all the cereals first). This week: rice cereal, next week: oatmeal, and finally: barley (sound appetizing?). I'm pretty sure he'll like sweet potatoes, bananas, and pears MUCH better than these three more bland foods. I'll report later on that experience. As you can see, a lot of the rice cereal got on him (and a little missed completely), but he got most of the 1 tablespoon of cereal. Good thing a little mess in the kitchen never hurt anyone!! More dinner tales later...

Friday, May 25, 2007

OOPS! I forgot to add the pictures to my post!

First Time Blogger...

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Horton Family Blog! I am excited about getting with the times and learning more about how to blog...and I hope you enjoy this new way of getting updates on Buckie, TJ and me!

TJ will be 5 months old on Monday. He is sitting up better when I put him in the sitting position, and he is pushing himself up into a sitting position sometimes. He also gets up on his hands and knees every chance he gets. TJ wants to be a "big boy" so bad--and he is following the lead of his new buddy, Christian, who is almost 9 months old. I'm excited to see what he learns to do next!

We will be starting solids with him next week...rice cereal...yummmmm! He already knows what to do with a baby spoon, so I think he is very ready for something more for his tummy! I'm sure I'll get a picture or two of his first "meal" to share later!

I hope you all have fun summers planned. Enjoy the HEAT!!