Friday, May 25, 2007

First Time Blogger...

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Horton Family Blog! I am excited about getting with the times and learning more about how to blog...and I hope you enjoy this new way of getting updates on Buckie, TJ and me!

TJ will be 5 months old on Monday. He is sitting up better when I put him in the sitting position, and he is pushing himself up into a sitting position sometimes. He also gets up on his hands and knees every chance he gets. TJ wants to be a "big boy" so bad--and he is following the lead of his new buddy, Christian, who is almost 9 months old. I'm excited to see what he learns to do next!

We will be starting solids with him next week...rice cereal...yummmmm! He already knows what to do with a baby spoon, so I think he is very ready for something more for his tummy! I'm sure I'll get a picture or two of his first "meal" to share later!

I hope you all have fun summers planned. Enjoy the HEAT!!

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mandy.w.f. said...

Love the Blog. He's getting so big. Thanks for sharing with us all. Mandy