Thursday, May 22, 2008

Trip to South Carolina

Well, since Sadie's birth, I've had LOTS of visitors and help around here! I think I'm a bit spoiled from having an extra set of hands...not to mention that I haven't had to clean my own kitchen in several weeks!! WHAT A DREAM!! :) When my older sis, Jennifer, came for a visit with her almost-4-year-old daughter, Madison, we decided at the very last minute to jump in the van with her and ride up to South Carolina to my parents' house! It was Jennifer, Madison, TJ, Sadie and me for the way up. It was an adventurous, but pretty quick trip--and I'm happy to say that all three kids traveled pretty well. We spent a few days at my parents' house and got to see family and friends who came by to see me--or really to see Sadie! It was a nice visit, and then we hopped in the car with my little sis, Leslie, and her boyfriend, Tyler, who were planning to come down for a visit with us. We had another good trip, and a nice visit while they were here.

So, now I'm on my own at home with two VERY small children...and we are doing okay! I'm still figuring out what time of day I'll be able to shower and having to remind myself to eat, but other than that, we're figuring it all out. TJ is such a great little boy and has a pretty typical day for a 17-month-old. And Sadie,
who is 1-month-old now, is getting better at going to sleep quickly and on her own and has reached the 6-hour mark at night once! I can't ask for much more at this point!! I'm still very tired and still recovering from my major abdominal surgery (c-section), but I've been able to nap when both kids nap just about every day! YAY!! That makes a huge difference!!

Well, I've got just a couple pics to show here...and they were both taken by my friend, Jaime, who came to visit at my mom and dad's house. We got one together and she also captured TJ "riding" a lawnmower...though it's only a push-mower! :) Enjoy these photos and be on the lookout for more updates to come!

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