Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Two weeks old...

We just got home from Sadie's two-week checkup with the pediatrician! She said she is perfect, and literally was in and out in about 60 seconds! Sadie is now 21 inches long/tall, and weighs 9 lbs 5 oz. That's just 1 oz more than TJ weighed when we brought him home from the hospital!!! She's eating and sleeping well for her age and size...can't complain a bit!

And--I just realized that for today only, we can say that we have a 16-month-old son and a 16-day-old daughter!!! Isn't that WILD!?!? SO close together!! TJ is adjusting well to having a baby sister. When she cries, he does one of two things: (1) he points to her and looks at me like I need to go do something about it, OR (2) if I'm playing with him in the floor and she starts to cry, he grabs the nearest toy and sits on my lap as fast as he can--I think it's so I WON'T go get her!! :) He's doing well, though! And he's going to be a great big brother to her--I'm sure they will be VERY close!

Here is a photo that my sister-n-law, Buckie's sis Rhonda, took while she was here visiting us for a few days. I didn't get any of these pics with TJ because I was always the one taking the pictures! So, I took advantage of someone else with a camera to get a couple of myself with Sadie! Enjoy...and look for another update soon!

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