Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dedicated to Sadie!!!

This post is dedicated to Sadie...because she was dedicated at our church this morning! It is not a formal event, we just take the babies up front with all the others and have the entire church pray for them and for our family. TJ was so funny on stage--he kept pointing at everything and asking "what's that?" (he has never been in "big church" before). We got someone to take pics for us so we'd have some of her dedication Sunday.

And while I'm on here--I'll share a few pics of TJ and his latest...andI must share the stories behind them, too!

I went down the hall to change Sadie's diaper in her room one morning and came back to find TJ had crawled up into her baby swing and was swinging away!! He never liked this swing when he was an infant, but now that Sadie gets to swing, he wants to! I'm going to have to get him a toddler swing for him to ride--one that can support his weight better than this one!

And--on the same day that he crawled into the swing, I walked into the kitchen from our living room (which, for those of you who have been here, it's about 4 feet away). I heard a whine after only a few seconds of entering the kitchen. I walked back out to find that TJ had gotten himself into quite a predicament this time. He usually turns this copper bin upside down and sits on it or bangs on it...this time he forgot to turn it over apparently...because he ended up IN it!!! His face says it all...

TJ is such a character! He gets into stuff sometimes...but what 18-month-old doesn't?!? Overall, he is a GREAT little boy and a super big brother--he absolutely LOVES giving Sadie kisses whenever he can! And she just grins at him when he does! They are going to be quite a pair as they get older together!

Happy Fourth of July and enjoy the rest of your summer!

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