Thursday, July 12, 2007

He should get paid for this endorsement...

He makes a good-looking spokes-baby for this energy drink, doesn't he?!? (No, he didn't drink the energy drink--I did!) This is by far my most favorite photo of TJ at this time! Isn't he the cutest!?!

He is getting around bunches now--he has his own crawling style, but he is getting better everyday with the hands-and-knees crawl. He is also pulling himself up in his crib and is trying SO hard to get to standing on his own two feet! I think he thinks he's getting away with something when he pulls up onto his knees--he has this cute sly smile that he flashes when I go into his room and "catch" him almost standing up! I'll let him keep thinking that...THEN we will drop the crib down a notch!

I took him to the beach recently and he got to experience the pool, the sand and the ocean for the first time. He LOVED the pool--especially the float his Aunt Leslie got him (he just wanted to figure out how it made music). He also liked the sand and he ate a fist-full the first time I put him down on it (good thing he has small fists). The ocean...well, he liked watching it from the comfort of my arms, but I think he was a bit intimidated by the sound it made as it came toward him while he was down on the sand. He did not like it getting him wet at all! I'm sure he will get used to it the more we get him in it! (And if any of you have never been to the Gulf Coast--it's beautiful! You'll have to visit sometime!)

Buckie says he is the coolest kid in the world! And TJ loves his daddy! His eyes just light up when he sees and hears him! Our goal and plans are for Buckie retire early in the next two years so he can spend everyday with TJ and me. Besides, somebody has to potty train him! :)
Happy rest of the summer to you all! Post your comment if you have one--I enjoy reading them as much as I hope you enjoy reading my blog! Look for an update again soon!

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mandy.w.f. said...

Well, I will admit that he is the cutiest kid around (at least in Hoover)-Ha. Got to say that because I'm a mom. He is adorable and sitting up. Wow. Can't wait to take his picture. I'll get with you on that. Anyways, let me know how to work it so that Luke can retire in 2 years too. What am i saying? That would mean we'd be at home together everyday. Maybe semi-retired would be better. lots of love, mandy