Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy Half-Birthday TJ!!!

Well, today TJ turns 6-months-old! Can you believe it?!? Buckie and I feel like it has flown by, but we also don't remember what it was like NOT to have him! He is a very special boy--and a tremendous blessing in our lives!

He has hit some incredible milestones in the past few weeks! First, he crawled for the first time on Wednesday, June 20--eight days before turning 6 months! He hasn't quite mastered the hands & knee crawl, but he does this sort-of walrus crawl--he pulls his entire body forward with his arms and pushes with his toes. It's pretty cute--and fast!! He also says "ma-ma-ma-ma" everytime he wakes up and I enter his room to get him, so I've claimed his first word as "Ma-ma"! (Actually, he said it the other day for real!) Today, he pushed himself up into a sitting position for the first time! I was hoping for just one thing to tell his pediatrician at tomorrow's 6-month I have a bunch to report! I think she will be impressed! (And for those of you who think I'm pushing him to do these things...think again...he is just a winner! It's in his blood!)

As far as his eating goes, he is now eating solids at three of his meals each day! His favorite veggie is PEAS and he likes ALL the fruits he has tried so far--even PRUNES! Yuck! He loves to drink sips of diluted juice from a sippee cup when I offer it to him--that's a special treat he only gets about twice a week. More juice to come now that he is 6-months old!

So, happy half-birthday to TJ! I'm looking forward to what he does next...and I will post his new weight and length soon--we will find out tomorrow!

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mandy.w.f. said...

he's growing like a weed. hope to see you guys soon.