Thursday, March 19, 2009

Snow day update

We finally had SNOW in Alabama this year! Who knew it would come in March?!?! It was a good one, even though it didn't last very long. But we managed to get out in it, throw snowballs, take pictures and freeze our fingers before coming back into our warm home! TJ just LOVED playing in it! He would just ask us to kiss his freezing and red hands to make them feel better--because I'm guessing they hurt they were so cold! And he just cried when we said time to come in. He is such an adventurous 2-year-old...and we LOVE that about him!

Sadie and I snuggled under her warmest blanket while we were outside. She wasn't in the snow playing like TJ, but she sure was cute all bundled up! Enjoy the snow pics!

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