Sunday, April 27, 2008

More photos...

Hello to all! We are home and getting settled into our new routines as a family of four. Sadie is still a bit confused about which is night and which is day, but we're making progress! I'm sure we'll get some sleep before the next decade! :)

TJ is not really paying her any attention. He looks at her when she cries, and will kiss her forehead on command, but other than that he is just enjoying all the attention he can get right now--while Buckie is home from
work with us! I'm sure he and Sadie will be best friends soon enough!

She had her first spong
e bath today--mostly to help keep her awake for a bit...she may have four more before the day is over to keep her awake!! I'm hoping she will sleep more tonight than last night--and I'm open to any comments or suggestions from anyone who can tell me how to help her switch her daytime with her nighttime!!! :)

Enjoy the photos from yesterday and today...more to come just as soon as we can update!

And...Yes--that IS an Alabama Cheerleader shirt she has on in this photo! :) ROLL TIDE!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Horton Family of FOUR!!!

Our early bird has arrived!!! After a day of early labor followed by some hurried plan-making, Sadie Catherine Horton was born Monday, April 21, 2008, at 6:25pm CST. She weighed 8 lbs. 15 oz. and was 20 1/2 inches long. We are all doing well--and recovering quickly, and we should be going home Thursday. For now, we are at Brookwood Medical Center in room 241.

We welcome visitors at the hospital now or in our home after we are discharged. Please call Buckie's cell phone in advance to make sure it's a good time (205-356-6326).

TJ--a.k.a. "Big Brother"--is super-excited and could not get enough of touching her and smiling at her! I think he loves her already! :)

Please enjoy the photos until you get to see her in person!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Big Brother to be...

Well, this is the last post on our blog before TJ becomes a big brother! This one is all about him! And--YAY--we got a new camera, so these pics will not be fuzzy!!

TJ is now almost 16 months old! He's my "
little man" and is so smart and so fun to be around! He's totally active now--running, in fact--and trying to climb up anything he can (or is allowed to, anyway). TJ's personality is coming out more and more everyday--he's very laid back most of the time and is content to sit and look at a book for half an hour sometimes, and he absolutely LOVES to play with his Daddy! He likes to ride on Buckie's back like a horse--and likes to "fall" off, too! He likes to be chased around--this usually ends up with us (Buckie) on our hands and knees chasing him while he runs to try to get away! :)

TJ is so smart, too! (Buckie says he gets that from him!) He loves to do puzzles and is working so hard to say the words of the things he sees on his puzzles and in his books. Of course, most words only I understand since I'm with him all day, but he will be speaking clearly enough for all very soon!
As you can see by the photos, TJ is growing up SO fast! The top photo is his "say cheese" face! :) And the middle photo is a little sly grin we caught--and he was actually making the sound of a firetruck when we took it. It's one of his favorite sounds to imitate. As of his last pediatrician's appointment, TJ weighed 24 pounds and was 2 feet, 6 inches tall. He is achieving milestones as expected and, if we can just get these last two "eye teeth" (the sharp fangs) to come in, he will have no "issues" to report any longer! Those two teeth seem to be taking forever--and they do seem to hurt him quite a bit right now. The next photo is one I took tonight--with his fingers in his mouth for comfort, and a tear in his eye from his teeth bothering him so much.

TJ is also enjoying his "new" room, where we've set up another crib and lots of his fun toys so he can play in there--sort of an "escape" for him if he ever wants one! We are looking forward to seeing how he adjusts to being a big brother and we'll report on that very soon!

So...ta-ta for now...I'll be updating as soon as Sadie Catherine Horton arrives (which is scheduled for next Thursday, April 24, 2008)!!!