Wednesday, October 29, 2008

LONG Overdue...

Well, it has been WAY too long since I updated this blog, and I will try to do a better job updating from now on!!! Enjoy this update!!

TJ is 22 months old now and is growing by leaps and bounds in so many areas! He is not, and has never been, the kid who does things on we are just now hearing and seeing what he has always known. He talks a lot--and likes to name all of us as we are together, "Mama, Dada, 'my sis', Teej"...those are our names as he knows them! He also counts to five, especially while walking up or down stairs at home. Physically, he is of course running and climbing with all confidence, and he likes to roll too--when he does, he says, "Loll, Loll" (roll, roll)

TJ is also about to begin potty training!! He has been showing signs by pointing to his diaper and acting surprised by the sensation of going in his diaper. We are going to stock up on training undies and pull-ups and get a simple potty that I'm sure will go everywhere with us from now on! He is young for this, but our pediatrician says GO FOR IT! :) And TJ has always seemed ahead of his age group in many of these kinds of things! Can't wait! (Until then, we are hoping he will keep his diaper on!) OH--and TJ is in a toddler bed now! We've also bought and set up a twin bed in his room...for him later or for visitors now. His crib made into the toddler bed and I love it! It has the full rail still, so he can't fall out, but he can get in and out himself. Here is a picture of him snuggled up with a blanket and pillow in his "new" bed!

And Sadie is still the SWEETEST baby ever!!! She is almost mobile--trying to crawl everyday to catch up to her very active big brother! She also has, in the past week, pushed up to sitting once or twice and is staying awake a lot more than she has been. Her naps are pretty regular and she is--get this--eating three meals and one "snack" (a.k.a. nursing) a day!!! YAY!! This is much farther progressed for TJ at her age...but she is a BIG girl! At her 6 month checkup last week, she weighed in at 17.5 lbs!! She has some rolls!! :) But, even through her rolls, she is just the sweetest little thing you'd ever meet! She says "ba ba ba" when she tries to talk and snuggles up with anyone who holds her. She is also sitting up assisted and unassisted, and has a grip like no other 6-month-old girl!

We are truly amazed by watching them grow and learn and develop! And especially amazed at just how much they already love each other!

Look for another update soon...I will post an All-Picture Post so you can see more of them!

Happy Fall...or is it Winter???

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