Thursday, January 24, 2008

One Year Old and SOOOO many changes!!

TJ is ONE YEAR OLD!!! It seems like yesterday when I was holding him for the first time in the hospital--and now he hardly wants to be held at all!! He has changed so much in the past few weeks that he is now what I would call a "little boy" and not a "baby" anymore! I guess that's a good thing, since we are making room for Sadie Catherine's arrival in three months. TJ has had several milestones to document here:

First, there was his first Christmas...he got SO many toys for his birthday and for Christmas that our home is covered in them! He had a great first Christmas and he actually decided on Christmas morning that he was going to be a walker from then on. He literally walked across the room! We knew he could do it, but he didn't know he could until that day. I guess he was distracted by all the new toys (and Nana and Pappy's visit) to second-guess himself in this area! So, now he is a full-blown walker! :)

TJ has also now had his first haircut. Since birth, he has been growing out the two "no-no's" in hairstyles--the comb-over and the mullet. Yes--he had BOTH!! But now, he has a little boy haircut--and he did better than great getting it cut! There is a place right around the corner from us that has a kids area for cuts--and TJ got to sit in a tugboat for his first haircut! You can tell by the photos that he had a great time and I don't think he even noticed the girl with the scissors!!!

It also snowed that day here in Birmingham!!! We are told that it snows only about once every three years--and we moved here three years ago this week! So, I guess we'll see more in 2011!! TJ enjoyed taking quick peeks from the balcony at the snow--but it was WAY too cold to get him out in it (without a snow-proof outfit). We watched it fall from inside--and I got one quick photo of him looking out at me on the balcony--it's pretty cute!

And, finally, we had some AMAZING photos taken of TJ to memorialize his turning one year old--and so we won't forget just how CUTE he is now!! He was a character for the photographer and she got over 100 great shots of him. It was SO hard to choose which to get printed, but I bought enough to get to keep the disk of all of them so I can have more printed later if I want!
Here are just a couple of my favorites for your viewing pleasure! :) More to come soon...

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