Friday, August 31, 2007

Christmas in August...and Happy Birthday, Christian!

All he wanted for Christmas was two front teeth...and here they are!!! He's also got a top tooth coming through now.

TJ has the funnest personality and just LOVES to laugh! We chase each other (on hands and knees, of course) and have tickle fights everyday! :) He is pulling up great and walking around the furniture holding on. He tries to just stand up in place, but hasn't figured out how to do that yet.

Right now, I'm working on teaching him how to give kisses. He just purses his lips right now and takes it, but I'm sure he will be dishing them out soon!

Also, since it has been SOOOOO long since I updated this blog, TJ's buddy, Christian, had a birthday! His FIRST birthday! Here is my favorite picture of TJ with Christian at his party--TJ was pushing this wagon, then Christian decided it was his turn, so we put TJ in the wagon and let Christian push him around! It was so funny! And TJ just sat back in the wagon as if to say, "this is the life"--just chilling out in the wagon!

Happy 1st Birthday, Christian!!
More to come as TJ quickly approaches his own 1st birthday! Can you believe he is already 8 months old?!?!

Happy Fall to you--when it arrives!

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