Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mother of two...for two more days...

This post is just my opportunity to share my thoughts and a little bit about our life as it is right this moment. It will change in a mere two days, and we will have a new addition and a new normal...and it is GOOD.

First of all, right now, TJ is 3 years 3.5 months old. He is SO fun--and talks an awful lot at times. His favorite thing is to ask "what's that, mommy?" He just wants to know! And he never forgets a thing! He is so smart and I'm kinda torn as to whether to send him to a preschool class or do preschool stuff at home with him. Sometimes I think he needs the structured classroom environment, but then I think how much I'd miss having him at home if he I remain undecided for an undetermined amount of time. How's that for riding the fence? :) TJ also LOVES, LOVES, LOVES his Daddy! I can tell he is at the age where he just wants to do everything Buckie does. And he even says he is sad when Buckie is at work when he wakes up in the morning--which WAS everyday, until TJ started waking really early (I think so he could see him before he left for work). What a sweet boy he is! And a natural leader, no doubt! If you've not had a chance to experience some need to!

Sadie is about to turn 2 years old this month (April 21st). She is, as we expected, advanced for her age in many ways--mostly verbal. She actually puts sentences with 5 and 6 words or more together. Now, we cannot always make out the words she is telling us--but we know she knows what she is saying and it would make perfect sense if we could just understand her. But she says what she wants very clearly! For example, she will come to me and say "help me shoes on" and I'm to help her put her shoes on. Or she will tell us what blanket she wants at night or what she wants to drink--and careful!--don't be the one who doesn't give her what she wants!!! She will then let you know that it was NOT what she asked for!!! She isn't a girl who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to say so. But Sadie has a skill that goes unmatched in my world...and that is that she gives THE BEST hugs a child could give! She will wrap her arms around my neck and just hold on so tight that I don't EVER EVER want to let go! Waking her in the morning gets me a good one, and so does putting her to bed. But also, she likes to just sit beside me and have me put my arm around her to snuggle. She will hold onto my arm and keep it around her. With Mr. Independent, TJ, who only occasionally (like when he's hurt or not feeling well) will say "Mommy, I wanna hold you"...Sadie wants to snuggle MANY times a day. Love my sweet girl...she is such a blessing and I can't believe I ever said I only wanted boys.

Now TJ and Sadie together make quite a pair. They know how to talk to each other, be sweet, have fun, play, share, and also fight like the best of the best brothers and sisters. I'm really hoping they will work out together sharing a room soon...because I think they would enjoy each other's company so much! And I think they feel really comfortable having each other nearby...I mean, they've not really known life without the other! (They are only 15.5 months apart!) They are real buddies and already close pals. I cannot wait to see how life is for them being so bonded.

And of course, Jack is to be born in two days. Jack must be the most patient baby ever...and I'm counting on it! He will be taught the same healthy sleep habits and will be nurtured in the same ways his brother and sister were, but he is also going to have to be flexible in order to go along with all we need to do these days. I'm sure he will fit into our family and be adaptable as we expect, and we are THRILLED to be having him now. He IS our last baby...without a doubt. That is something both Buckie and I felt peace about very early in my pregnancy with him. And as soon as we found out he was a boy--we were hoping!--we just KNEW he was the completion of our family. So, this weekend, I'm enjoying feeling baby movements in my belly, his hiccups at times, and the last days I'll be pregnant EVER. I heard a friend say it is "bittersweet" to be having your last baby...I just say "SWEET!" I am truly blessed by TJ and Sadie, and even already by Jack. I am just excited to get to enjoy life with Buckie and our THREE kiddos...and to see them enjoy life together!

So...that wraps up my thoughts for now. I GUARANTEE an update after Jack's birth...with pictures! It's been a long time coming, but I'm committed to blogging more often so you can keep up with all of us a little better. So keep checking back! Just two more days...and then I'll be a mother of THREE!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Update coming!!! it has been 7 months since my last a LOT has changed! We have moved from our apartment to a house that we love! Sadie is 18 months old now...and TJ will be three YEARS old next month! WOW!!! So...I have lots of pictures to sort through--then I'll post the official update! Thank you for your patience!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Well, I cannot believe it--Sadie will be turning one on Tuesday this upcoming week! And today we had her party! It was a GREAT party with lots of close friends there, and we ate and ate, and then ate cake! The cakes turned out perfect and we have LOTS leftover that we will eat off of this week.

Sadie was the hit of the party of course--from her entrance in the video the green icing all over eating watermelon herself. :) She is such a sweet baby girl and a true princess at heart, living up to the meaning of her name!

So, happy birthday to Sadie--and here are lots of pictures for you to enjoy the day with us!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Snow day update

We finally had SNOW in Alabama this year! Who knew it would come in March?!?! It was a good one, even though it didn't last very long. But we managed to get out in it, throw snowballs, take pictures and freeze our fingers before coming back into our warm home! TJ just LOVED playing in it! He would just ask us to kiss his freezing and red hands to make them feel better--because I'm guessing they hurt they were so cold! And he just cried when we said time to come in. He is such an adventurous 2-year-old...and we LOVE that about him!

Sadie and I snuggled under her warmest blanket while we were outside. She wasn't in the snow playing like TJ, but she sure was cute all bundled up! Enjoy the snow pics!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Update Needed!

Hello all! A lot has happened since my last post! First of all...Sadie pulled up to standing at around 7 1/2 months, and now she's "cruising"--which means walking with the help of holding onto furniture (or us--whichever is closest). :) She looks so cute to be cruising! She is also eating more and more table foods now--THANK Goodness!! I thought we were going to be serving baby food forever! AGH! She likes to eat beans, pasta, and real veggies and fruits! She still loves her some applesauce though! And if only she'd get those first teeth in!

Then Christmas happened! It kinda came and went this year. We went up to South Carolina and got to see just ALL of our family! (Well, except the extended ones.) It was so nice to see everyone and we got lots of pictures with TJ and Sadie with their cousins! That's the first time we've all been together in YEARS! It was such a nice trip!

And TJ TURNED TWO YEARS OLD!!! Can you believe it?!? I remember just before he turned one...he started walking like he'd been doing it all along. Well, this year, just after his 2-year mark, he has started talking more and more like he's been forming sentences all along! Amazing how the milestones happen right on cue! Now, he is also about to get his two-year molars in. I can only tell by the fact that he chews his fingers in the back of his mouth--which he's never done. He is also hungry all day, and may be about to go thru a growth spurt. For part of TJ's Christmas, we put his "new" bed up--a twin bed. We've had it in his room for a few months, but finally put his new sheets on it and pillows, for him to sleep on when we returned home after Christmas. It looks nice for his room to have only the twin bed in there, and no longer have the crib set up! And he loves sleeping in it! He rolled off only once at the foot of the bed (where there is no rail) when he was playing. And one night, he cried out at about 1 o'clock in the morning, and when I went to check on him--I found him asleep on his rug on the floor. He didn't fall out--he must've just gotten out of bed and fallen asleep down there! HA! I've turned his bed around where the feet are at the wall, and the headboard keeps him from rolling off at the top, and the bedrail on the side keeps him from rolling out that way. He has done great since doing that!

So...I guess my next update will be in a week. My BIG 3-0 is next Tuesday. I used to think 30 was old! Now, from what I hear, it's just "the next 20"! Yay for that! :) I have several goals this year, and one of them is to get back to looking like I did when I WAS 20 while I'm 30! :) I will keep you updated on my activities and my progress as it goes. And maybe (MAYBE) I'll get up the nerve to do some "before" pics to show you AFTER I'm done! :)

I am thoroughly enjoying TJ and Sadie at the ages/stages they are in now. I am looking forward to the day that we can go out more often (when our entire day isn't full of naptimes), and when they can BOTH talk and interact more with each other. Right now, TJ is saying "I love you, Sis" in his own special way--and I fall in love with them both over and over again each day!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Almost standing...

Well, today Sadie is 6 months and 25 days old, and she pulled herself up onto her knees! :) She wants to stand so bad, and I'm sure that it is only a matter of time! Now the fun begins--because she can pull up onto her knees in her crib, but cannot get down without falling face-first into the side of the crib! :( She will get the hang of it soon and I'll get a photo or video to add!

Monday, November 3, 2008

She's crawling!!!

Sadie must have woken up this morning deciding to try something new! I fed her breakfast, then put her on her tummy on the floor to play with a toy, and she CRAWLED!!! I caught it on video with our digital camera--it's a huge file, but a video none the less! Enjoy her cuteness! She is 6 months 13 days old today!!